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New products anti-shock TPU screen protector




1.Imported USA raw material , 3 layer PET, look like normal PET.
2.High adhesion : high adhesion material, suit for some mobile phone with curly surface such as iphone 6 and Samsung note edge.
3.The tenacity of the material is very good, it will renew after strong pull.
4.Anti-scratch :2-3H hardness, more scratch resistence than common TPU.
5.Repair: scratch with fingernail , the surface have scratch impression , but it will repair in some time later.
6.Anti-shock : test by 45g steel ball drop from 50cm high, the screen no broken.(test by mould phone and glass test board )
7.The main feature is : 1,the  high adhesion material suit for Samsung note edge and iphone 6 have curly surface mobile phone. 2, perfect fit and protect your mobile phone . 3 , the soft self-repair material which could repair all kind of scratch on the mobile phone in the daily life.

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