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  Guangzhou ehang electronic co., LTD., since its incorporation, the quality and the user experience is on the most important position, and continuous efforts in the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service provides the omni-directional service for the customer. To ensure the interests of customers, our company make the following commitment: First:pre-sale service:

   1,Our company will provide our customers with hundreds of packing to choose from, and according to the customer's need to design its exclusive packaging.

   2,In view of the partial products (such as laser color film, relief case, etc.), we provide customers with variety of pattern choice, and offer customer personalized design service.

   3,For the customer's demand of diversification, our company will try our best to cooperate with and develop a variety of new products to provide more choices for the customers.

  Second: service between sales

  1,All of the products can be provide complete delivery list and statements, to ensure that customer orders is the same products.

  2,If the customers have special requirements, such as packing method, special marks, mode of transportation, and so on, our company all can meet.

  Third:after-sales service:

   1,All the products (no matte brand products or OEM, ODM products),whenever discover quality problems (such as glue falling, damage, etc.), please complaint to the sales in the first time.We hope the customer to provide product photographs or send the problem samples to us.After we check it,we will exchanged the goods in the shortest possible time according to the customers' desire.

   2,Our company has set up complete customer complaints system. All the complaints result have record in formal electronic document , including the cause, prevention measures and solutions, etc., once the complaint handling process is over, sales staff will provide you with complete complaint report, let you clear and end the next possible.

   3,If you have any opinions to ourcompany's service or product , please reflect to the sales , your demand is our power, we sincerely welcome your suggestion.