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9H Nano Anti-blue light film--reduce the harm of mobile phones to our eyes

2017-7-30      View:

9H Nano Anti-blue light film

1:  Material Imported from Japan, High anti-scratch + Anti-blue light

2:  Raw material is advanced optical, No rainbow and touch smooth

3:  Imported AB glue from Japan, with a strong anti-blue light effect, No Macula lutea, Exhaust quickly and steady

4:  Effectively block 450nm~470nm blue light generated by mobile phones, Prevent macular degeneration, eyestrain and dry eyes
5:  It is thinner, softer, safer and lighter than Anti-blue light tempered glass, and no edge broken
6:  All models can be made or customized
7:  It is pan-purple under reflective light, pure purple under black screen and yellow under other colors. Cause those are unique properties after processing by anti-blue light process, also characteristics of Japanese anti-blue light material.

9H Nano Anti-blue light film

Material Imported from Japan,High anti-scratch and Anti-blue light No rainbow and touch smoothstrong anti-blue light effectPrevent macular degeneration, eyestrain and dry eyesthinner, softer,no edge broken safer and lighter,