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Strengthen the multifunctional application mobile phone banks into the popularization stage

2014-11-26      View:

  In the mobile phone input bank a bank, or download the client, network line, opens into the interface of the bank, your bank account, you can query the account details, for the financial business ... ... This is a mobile phone bank?

  Yes, but these are only the most basic function of mobile phone bank. In fact, mobile phone bank in addition to the money transfer, payment payment, gold trading, purchase color renewal, foreign exchange and other financial services, the consumer also gradually mature, the shops to buy things, to enjoy the city life seems to have been in the "fortune " is a matter.

  Convenient and practical

  China Construction Bank ( 601939, shares ) is to take the lead in the domestic launch mobile phone banking services in one of the state-owned banks. After years of development, the mobile phone banking has become the electronic bank business highlights and fist product, in business functions, customer coverage, practicability and safety in the domestic industry advanced level.

  The mobile phone bank not only include tangible business outlets to provide basic financial services, such as query, transfer the remittance, payment payment details, mobile phone recharge, credit cards, accounts, account management, more mobile phone market, gold trading, the sale of bonds, foreign currency is bought and sold, the silver certificate transfers accounts, keep up with market trends of investment banking services, also provides aircraft booking, dot map, film tickets online, the great wisdom ( 601519, shares ), the mall, the individual deposit and loan calculators and other convenient service for customers, to control the market, to accumulate wealth.

  To transfer the frequent business groups, with the mobile phone bank not only convenient and quick, turn namely namely, without access to cash. If the other party is the mobile phone banking, it can directly use the " mobile phone to mobile phone transfer service ": as long as the input of the other mobile phone number, system will display each other's name, account number and the information, without inputting account number, can be direct remittance. Mobile phone mobile phone transfer to support remote peer transfer, and can be free to transfer the object corresponding to the sending text messages to remind. Even if it did not open the mobile phone bank, according to the corresponding tips can also receive the remittance.

  " Mobile phone bank agreed account transfer function" is to have frequently to fixed customer base transfer of customer demand to provide an efficient service. Just a one-time set the payee information, the mobile phone can be in accordance with your bank agreed time and amount, to your designated nationwide bank and other commercial banks personal current account transfer.

  Through the mobile phone market, customers can at any time for the stock market information, real-time quotes, can also handle stock online transaction.

  In addition the mobile phone banks also provide credit card payment, payment and other services, customers may at any time to pay telephone charges, utilities and other daily expense, but also for the nationwide mobile phone recharge.