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【Nano Coating】Make touch smoother, make you happier.

2017-9-28      View:

「The new film is not smooth enough in touch?」

「Want to be more carefree when  

  playing games?」

Nano Coating

Make touch smoother, make you happier.

  The product has been applied  

  for national patent.  

「 Why To Use? 

New film is usually dry and not smooth enoughThe film after a period of using is rough, as the smooth coating on surface is losing. So use the Nano Coating to smooth the film surface is necessary and helpful.

「 How Does It Work? 」

Be Smooth After A Wipe

Quicker to win Games / Faster to type 

Better to touch

Nano Technology

Harmless & Lasting Effect

「 How To Use? 」


Clean screen with alcohol wipe or cleaning-cloth.


Align the film to the screen and holes, 

confirm and then paste.


Wipe with the Nano Coating on surface.


Dry and wipe the liquid on surface 

with cleaning-cloth.