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Our own brand "OKMORE", mark design is contracted clean. Orange meaning for hope and wisdom, and bring customers positive force. Brand adhering to the "MORE THAN OK" concept, we hope that through this to provide MORE quality products and professional services, not just OK.

"OKMORE" is our first brand, since the creation, this brand is carrying our great expectations,which is to provide the customer with the highest cost-effective products, the expectations have been through to our daily work and to constantly push oneself. "OKMORE" there has been more than a year's history, around it, we design the nearly 20 different "OKMORE" brand series of packaging, covers the many different grades, including tablet PC, special product packaging, etc., to provide a wealth of choice.

Now "OKMORE" has not only limited to the LCD screen protection film field, since 2012, we have applied for "OKMORE" protective case, leather case, mobile power etc brand registration. And these products have been or will be on sell, in order to thanks for the customer's support.

Before the end of 2012, in order to meet the needs of the customers and higher requirements, we will launch another new brand. The making of a good brand is not in one day, thanks for the support of the customers. With your support our brand development way will be more and more smooth!

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